Let it snow!



We’ve got snow this week. Mr Tall woke me up and suggested that I might like to look outside. Once I found my glasses and realised it was snowing I felt excited about the whole day. I know it’s not for everyone, but as my work is a two-mile walk from my house, I don’t have to worry about not being able to get there, or get home.

In light of the snow, I decided a warming meal was the order of the day, so we had a lamb tagine, with flatbreads, and Moroccan carrots for dinner. The flatbreads and carrots I’ve made hundreds of times (I sought out the carrot recipe online after an incredible meal in Marrakech in 2017), but the lamb tagine is new. I’ll give you a heads up, it was delicious!

Links to the recipes I used can be found at the bottom of this post.

I always make my dough in the breadmaker, partly because it doesn’t require any involvement on my part so I can get on with other things, but also because it’s reliably consistent.

Once we’d eaten, we spent the evening in front of the woodburner, watching The Crown. One of the reasons I love winter is that it’s so easy to get cosy. You can be warm in summer, but cosy is harder to come by.

This weather has shown me though, that my wardrobe is made for typical English weather, and not really cold snowy weather. If ever I needed an excuse to shop, this is it. There might be some posts about jumpers coming soon!


Moroccan carrots (I use the variation for the warm one)

Lamb tagine (I halved all the ingredients, apart from the lamb, which I only had about 400 g of. It worked really well, and wasn’t too saucy. I also didn’t use the pistachios, pomegranate etc on top, just stirred in some chopped parsley and coriander).

Flat breads (this is the recipe for the dough, to turn into pizza, which I also do. Beetroot…kale and onion… yum yum. Just make the dough, and divide into 8 lemon-sized balls to make 8 flatbreads. If you don’t want 8, I’d suggest freezing the remaining dough, as the flatbreads are better when fresh. To make the dough in a breadmaker just put it all in the order according to your particular machine, and use the dough setting.)